At the age of 25, I started "Event Mosaic" together with my partner. In the 13 years that I was active as a business manager, our team served more than 3,500 satisfied international customers. In the first instance, I learned to do business, to lead, to communicate and negotiate more effectively.

The road from the events to training and coaching, came from my interest in nonverbal communication and emotional intelligence. With my background, the link to (team) coaching and training was quickly made. Out of professional enthusiasm, I have followed a lot of certified training and refresher courses.

Since 2014, I have been the founder of Impact Academy. I regularly analyse images for spoken and written media in the field of body language. My training courses are scientifically based and and are given from practice. I am a pragmatic practitioner, which results in interactive training courses with maximum exchange of practice with the participants.

My mission is to clarify communication for yourself and the other so that your personal IMPACT increases. We communicate too little and are sometimes afraid to communicate. We don't know how to reinforce our communication or what the other person is telling us non-verbally unconsciously. I help passionate professionals to learn to communicate more effectively with themselves and others. I help them with their online and offline nonverbal branding. In addition, I let them look in the nonverbal mirror and I coach them on the way to more IMPACT.

My tools are body language, coaching, non-violent communication and neuroscience. I recently obtained a master's degree in nonverbal strategy analysis in the Netherlands. I proclaim this science internationally.

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The world needs a communication update.

Dana Ketels - CEO of Impact Academy


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